Grid Down, Power Up

Video on Cost Effectively Building a Backup 45-Day Food Supply

We are living in a time of tremendous turmoil and uncertainty. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and incredible ongoing civic unrest, more now than ever, people are hyper focused on the health, safety and well-being of themselves and their families. What was once considered to be the question asked only by those believing in conspiracy theories, has now become the question asked by almost everyone. What happens if our food supply chain is interrupted?What if I can’t get to the supermarket? At the beginning of the COVID-19 scare, we were seeing daily news stories of violence occurring at grocery stores where people hurt each other over rolls of toilet paper. Now, people are concerned about the rioting and looting. We are witnessing significant strain on our food distribution network due to the coronavirus. And this is a virus which only has a 2% Case Fatality Rate and the economy shutting down for a short time. Can you imagine the panic if America was hit hard by something worse? Don’t be at the mercy of empty food shelves and food shortages next time this happens. I trained US military personnel how to survive in a time of crisis, and I am now sharing my cost-effective plan and free downloadable PDF to protect your family in the event that there is another food storage crisis. 


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